Welcome To Sweetwater Valley Farm!

We are a family dairy farm producing farmstead cheese.


Our Dairy Farm

Our Vision and Mission at Sweetwater Valley Farm is being committed to consistently producing superior agricultural products through dedication to our employees, animal care, and natural resources. We strive to create a sustainable business model through innovation, efficiency, leadership development, and customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Meet Our Cows

We spend countless hours each day making sure our cows are comfortable and happy so they can produce high quality milk. They are our livelihood and we want to take care of them and make sure they have the best life all the way from the day they are born throughout the whole rest of their lives.

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Our Cheese

We make a wide variety of cheddar based cheeses as well as gouda. We are a farmstead cheese producer which means we are controlling the entire process from cow to consumer starting with what we grow at our farm to feed the cows and then later down the road using their milk on our farm to produce our cheese.

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What's Fresh

From Our Family to Yours

Our farm, located between the towns of Philadelphia and Loudon, is in the heart of southeast Tennessee’s dairy-rich Sweetwater Valley. It is known for its agricultural vitality and progress. We are proud to be able to farm in this area.

About Us

Our Story

Sweetwater Valley Farm was part of the revolutionary land granted to General William Ballard Lenoir and was settled in the early 1800’s. It lies in the town of Philadelphia, Tennessee which holds the distinction of being the southernmost town controlled by the Union during the Civil War. At the turn of the twentieth century it became a dairy farm, with the original dairy barn built on the farm in 1917. Several owners…

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Cheese Shop

We produce a variety of award winning southern cheeses including basic cheddars, flavored cheddars, gouda, smoked gouda, cheese curds and farmers cheese. Our cheese shop is open Mon-Sat 9-5.

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Our Cafe

Our Seed to Sandwich Cafe, located in the barn, is open Tuesday- Saturday 9-5 with Lunch 11-3 those days. We served delicious grilled cheeses made with our cheddar cheese. We also have milkshakes and lots of other yummy items!

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Gift Packages

We love crafting the perfect gift for you and your loved ones with our cheeses and other local products. Check out our online shop to build a custom gift today!

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Farm Tours

Our new Red Cow Tour is now available. Come experience the latest technology in the dairy industry as we take you through our robotic milking facility. Tours are on the hours of 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 and 3 Tuesdays-Saturdays. Schedule a tour in advance or come into our shop to sign up!

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Cheesy Egg Bites

Cheesy Egg Bites

Deep fried cheese curds are typically made with cheese curds, obviously enough.  However, don’t despair if you live outside of Wisconsin and can’t find this squeaky treat. You can use a block of mild cheddar…

Fried Cheese Curds

Fried Cheese Curds

Place all of the ingredients into the pot of your crock pot. Turn the crock pot onto low heat making sure to stir every once and a while until all the cheese is melted. Once all the cheese is melted…

Sausage Balls

Sausage Balls

This might take a little longer than boxed macaroni and cheese, but let me tell ya, the extra time and effort is SO worth it. Plus, most of the ingredients you need are ones you already…


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