Who We Are

Welcome To Sweetwater Valley Farm!

We are a family dairy farm producing farmstead cheese.

Sweetwater Valley Farm

Sweetwater Valley Farm was part of the revolutionary land granted to General William Ballard Lenoir and was settled in the early 1800’s. It lies in the town of Philadelphia, Tennessee which holds the distinction of being the southernmost town controlled by the Union during the Civil War. At the turn of the twentieth century it became a dairy farm, with the original dairy barn built on the farm in 1917. Several owners spent their time tending the land and raising dairy cows on the farm over the last century. 

John and Celia Harrison purchased interest in the dairy farm in 1987, and became the sole owners of Sweetwater Valley Farm in 1992. John started producing cheese in 1998 using the milk from his cows. Throughout the early 2000s, both the herd of dairy cows and the cheese operation continued to grow. In 2018, Sweetwater Valley Farm became Tennessee’s first Lely XL Dairy Farm, milking 500 cows with Robotic Technology. Today, Sweetwater Valley Farm is a diversified farming operation that serves as home to over 1,500 dairy cows and multiple beef cows, as well as a source of crop production and farmstead cheese.

Our Vision and Mission at Sweetwater Valley Farm is being committed to consistently producing superior agricultural products through dedication to our employees, animal care, and natural resources. We strive to create a sustainable business model through innovation, efficiency, leadership development, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our customers with an extraordinary cheese experience. More than that, we love to show our customers visiting the farm how the dairy industry feeds the world, and how Sweetwater Valley Farm plays a vital role in local and regional economies.