Tennessee Vols


Our mission is to provide Tennessee students with the skill sets they need to work effectively and productively within the food industry. With this partnership, students have real-life experiences in dairy operations and cheese production at our farm, from start to finish. They see first hand what it takes, all the way from raising cows, to generating milk, to how milk is turned into cheese, and then packaged and sold to the market. Throughout this process, they also learn about manufacturing, safety, and regulatory issues, all of which better prepare them to become valuable employees in the industry. And by starting a cheese business inside the university, students are learning about entrepreneurial ventures and gaining business skills. They learn about market demand, pricing, profitability, logistics, marketing, and selling. This provides them with an even more diverse skill set desired by the industry. We love getting to work the students at the University of Tennessee. Shop all our Tennessee based cheeses and gift options below. 

(We reserve the right to substitute cheese selections if we are currently out of stock of your choice)